If you follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you likely know that it’s been an interesting week around the MoE house. Tuesday was a record setting weather day, with the windchill pushing temperatures down below -40.

IMG_3282[1] Shortly after waking up on this blustery morning, we discovered that our furnace — after 25 years of valiant service — couldn’t take the brunt of the polar vortex. It was busted.

Yep, on the coldest day of the year, our furnace called it quits. Queue a morning spent a) trying to fix the situation ourselves b) calling every Lennox tech in the phone book c) huddling under a pile of blankets while the interior temperature dropped further and further.

Cold! Jeff huddles on the sofa while we wait for one of our many phone calls to get returned.

After a few hours of waiting, a Corestar tech came out and told us the bad news — it was time to let our Lennox Pulse go; time to pull the plug; time to move on to warmer pastures.


Long story short, after a chilly sales pitch and some quick discussion, we bought a new furnace (and A/C unit!). When we bought the house, we knew this was on the “major” list (along with the bathroom and a new roof). It’s just too bad that it had to happen immediately after our bathroom reno and the holidays.

Thankfully they were able to schedule our install for the following morning. Hooray! So, we spent the rest of our snow day camped out in the bedroom with our spot heater while the downstairs taps dripped to prevent pipe freezing.

In all honestly, I didn’t get much sleep that night. It wasn’t the cold (in fact we were sweating under two duvets). I think it was over stimulation and anxiety from dropping such a large chunk of change so quickly — it’s against my nature. In the end, I’m thankful we are in a position to pay for a new furnace. I guess that trip to Morocco can wait another year!

When I finally pulled myself out of bed around 5am and headed downstairs for some coffee, the house was a balmy 5 degrees. Hello morning!

Jeff stayed home for the day to be onsite for the tradesmen. And, after 10 hours of work, our new furnace was up and running just after I got home from work. Yes, it honestly takes that long for a furnace to get installed — I had no idea! Thankfully, they did a great job. Our new furnace looks swell:


That little grey unit in the bottom-middle with the green and white sticker is an air filtration system that we decided to add. Given the age of our dusty old house, we’re hoping a bit of air purification will help us (and future owners) breathe a little easier.

I know a lot of people were dealing with frozen pipes, cars, doors, and fingers this week. How did you fare in the polar vortex?

2 thoughts on “The Polar Vortex Killed My Furnace

    1. Tia Post author

      Hi Farshid, all in for both the AC and furnace, we were at the 7K mark. My recommendation is to research the unit you want, then bring in three contractors to quote on it. Either way, it’s going to be an expensive update, but one that should last for a long time.


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