How was your Halloween? Did you get oodles of kids at your door? Like always, we didn’t get too many (four to be exact — but they were pretty darn cute, so each one might count twice). Even though we never get many trick-or-treaters, I still like to deck out the house. Yes, I’m weird like that. Thankfully, Jeff indulges my get-in-the-spirit nature and plays along. This year, I was inspired by a Pinterest project and decided to make use of our amazing covered porch.

For $10 in supplies (2 plastic table cloths, 7 sheets of bristol board, and a red light bulb — Dollar Store!) I fancied the porch into a spooky monster hangout:


Of course, it poured rain all night so we didn’t stand out there too long trying to snap photos. But… you get the gist. One scary monster was taped into each pane of glass, white plastic table cloths were hung behind them, and I swapped out the regular light for a red bulb.


They turned out pretty great I think! I started out trying to draw out the shapes first, but ended up just free-handing it with the scissors. I think that three-eyeballed guy is my favorite.

spooky cutout

This guy was the fifth little monster on the front windows.


And these weirdos were on the side. That dinosaur-type fellow looks a little odd, but he was put together from he scarps, so cut him a little slack.


Jeff is amazing, so he took care of carving the pumpkin. At the recommendation of a friend, we used the Dremel this year, and it worked pretty well. I love that Jeff went “classic” with his design — adorable.

Bonus fun for the night was having our wireless speaker positioned in the porch playing a spooky sound effects playlist from Songza. AMAZING!


After everything was set-up, we boiled and roasted our pumpkin seeds, plunked down on the sofa and watched The Shinning, one of my favorite horror movies. All in all, an amazing night!

**I’ve got a second post I was hoping to get up this week with some more bathroom goodness; But, it may not go live until near the end of the day. Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Spooky Stuff – $10 Halloween Decor

    1. Tia Post author

      Love projects that cost under $10 and take less than 30 minutes to throw together. Your BOO pumpkins were AWESOME for this exact reason.


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