One of the first big painting projects we tackled after moving into our house was painting the kitchen cabinets. The burnt brown just wasn’t cutting it and made the room extremely dark and depressing.

Kitchen Before

We took our time when painting the cabinets, removing the doors and hardware, sanding down the surfaces, priming, and applying 3 thin layers of a hard, latex paint.

Cabinets After

They looked great after they were first painted, and two years in… they still look pretty darn good!

The paint we selected cleans very well. You can wipe it down and even scrub a little without removing any of the painted surface. The colours are still true, and we haven’t experienced any weird bleed through or bubbling.

But, we have noticed a small amount of paint chipping, particularly behind the hardware where our (read “my”) fingernails hit the surface when opening the upper doors.


It’s mostly unnoticeable from a distance, but obvious if you look more closely:

The grey lowers have no similar chipping. Likely this has to do with which cabinets are “high-traffic” (we keep potato chips in the upper above, lol) and the angle from which we grab the pulls.

Overall, I am extremely happy with how well the painted cabinets have held up after two years of ongoing use. Of course, the interiors of the cabinets were never painted; we used wallpaper and shelf liner to spruce up the inside, which I think was a good choice.

Would I recommend cabinet painting as a quick-fix solution for your kitchen? Absolutely. With the stipulation that you take the time to prepare correctly and keep a bit of paint on hand for fingernail touch ups.

after 2

Do you have any experience with painting cabinets? How well have yours held up?


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