Ohia rolls on his freshly unpacked bone.

Every blog has a first post, and this is ours.

A week after moving in, there is a lot going on at the Moor. We’ve got an electrical inspection, Jeff is leaving for a two-week trip to Sri Lanka, and I am flying to Boston to present my graduate research at the PCA ACA conference. So… it seemed like a great time to finally start the blog too. We’re all about jumping into the deep-end around here.

Once things slow down, I’ll be sharing a few of our before photos. We’ve got 90% of our boxes unpacked already (although mostly into our basement) and are excited to introduce you to our little slice of ugly. Plus, there are a few headaches that we have already uncovered that require documentation. Sharing makes this stuff fun, right?

With any luck, this blog with build alongside our new home and we can fill both with plenty of memories, friends, and sarcasm.

Welcome aboard!