Well, work continues at the moor.

We’ve been plugging away at our downstairs trim work for a few weeks. It seems to happen that daily life keeps getting in the way of real progress. Maybe it’s just that hot yoga, gardening, and strolls in the park are more appealing than filling the house with stinky paint fumes.

Anyway, we’re back at it. Our process involves puttying, caulking, sanding, priming, and, finally, painting.

Baseboard Gap
Caulk is MAGIC

While many are on the anti-wood painting bandwagon, we take comfort in the fact that our wood really isn’t very nice. It’s cracked and scratched, warped, full of holes, and even loose.

So, in our minds, a bit of paint and caulk are helping to bring the old charm back to our ugly ducking with a little more gloss… or should I say, eggshell.

We’re happy to be welcoming warmer weather, weekends at home, and progress on some little projects that are making us feel more at home.

Hopefully we’ll have some real before & after trim shots shortly.

Happy weekend!

Before the London flip, we were living in an altogether different province… well, by a few KM anyway.

Our Ottawa (read: Gatineau) home was a 3 bedroom end unit townhouse, new build, that backed onto the Gatineau Park. It was such a great starter home for us, and while we are exited to be somewhere new, we really were sad to leave (though thrilled to sell so quickly!)

Gatineau House

Our favorite thing about the house was the yard, full of mature trees.




The interior worked well for us too. Upstairs laundry, open concept living space, gas fireplace, huge bathroom (tub!), and unfinished basement all made life easy and comfortable.




But… We’re on to new adventures and can’t wait to make our new house into an even more personalized home.

We both miss our Ottawa home from time to time (me, the gardens, Jeff the homey-feel), but we have confidence we’ll get there eventually in Waterloo.

Bye bye house #1!