Outdoor work at the Moor hasn’t really taken off yet. Beyond a bit of raking and grass cutting, the yard is basically the same rectangle pad of grass that it was when we moved in.

Except for this:

New Garden

Yep… I’m cutting in a flowerbed.

Updated shot to come shortly–it just needs to stop raining.

After two months in the moor, we’ve finally put something on the walls.

Why the wait — especially given the piles of frames/art that have been sitting in every room? Well, it’s mostly been a matter of bones. We just weren’t sure what was behind our walls.

On the exterior walls, we know it is plaster directly on brick — no studs! And on the interior walls, it’s lath and plaster… with, we think, standard studs.

So, I guess we did know the bones. What we didn’t know, however, was how to anchor into these new-to-us surfaces.

After a quick chat with our local Home Hardware rep., we discovered, much to our delight, that concrete screws would work just fine for the exterior walls. Bonus!

So we hung some stuff!



It’s been a fun weekend making the living room more homey. Up next for this space, trim paint, door paint, and a sexy new ottoman.

Tia & Jeff