It has been a heavy few months for me. Emotionally, March was brutal. I’ve spent the last few weeks (or months, really) trying to reflect on and understand who and where I am. The blog isn’t a good place to open this can of worms, but I wanted to say something as a way of an excuse for why blogging really hasn’t been high on my priority list; I know you get this and I appreciate that.

Thankfully, happy stuff has also found its way in my life — funny nephews, wedding plans/parties for my sister-in-law, and at least a few lazy Sundays. Jeff and Ohia, my little family, remain a solid base on which I rest and I’m super grateful to have them.

All of this to say, I’m hoping to resurface soon. We’ve been working on some great stuff at the house and I’m hoping to pull together a few real posts shortly. Hang in there, days are getting sunnier. <3

Hey! Did you know there is a new Value Village in Waterloo? Jeff had the opportunity to check it out this month, and scored some excellent finds.

In addition to a new lamp and a heavy-duty drill, he picked up this fabulous Indian lunch box. Now I just need to perfect my aloo gobi recipe.

THREE upside-down planters for our spring garden were also in the cart. Jeff loves to plant things upside-down! No one know why. 

Records were another great find. I can’t complain about any of his picks. Time to open some wine and turn on stereo!


(Jeff knows how much I love When Harry Met Sally).

Finally, this is a pretty amazing #findthefind if I do say so my self, vintage striptease record. Crazy!

Where do you do your local thrifting? Have you checked out the new VV location yet?