Well frack! After 3 years of dutiful service, our portable dishwasher has finally bit the dust. The old roll-up was never a permanent solution, but we had honestly hoped for another year before having to deal with it.

2015-11-08 10.43.27

Why did we want to wait, you might ask, given how ugly and clunky the roll-up is? Well, shifting from a portable to a built-in isn’t nearly as straightforward as it might seem.

Required Steps:

  1. Shifting our kitchen junk drawer and ALL OF OUR POTS/PANS to another location
  2. Shifting our paper/summer plates, dog food, and dry storage (onions/potatoes) to another location
  3. Building three sliding drawers and a roll-out pan hanger in the tall cabinet
  4. Cutting up the existing pot cabinet
  5. Running electrical
  6. Running supply lines
  7. Reconfiguring our entire under-sink drainage lines
  8. Reframing/expanding the cabinet face frame (+patching +painting)
  9. Buying an 18″ dishwasher
  10. Hooking up said dishwasher

Even those 10 steps seem to downplay the scale of this pop-up project. Ah well, such is the joys of home ownership.

Here is the current pot/junk drawer cabinet that will house the new dishwasher:

2015-11-08 10.45.30

The annoying thing is that this cabinet is only 22″ wide (if we remove all of the face faming, which means we are exploring 18″ dishwashers rather than the standard 24″. Plus, it is quite literally the only option for housing a built-in in the micro-kitchen. So… where to put all of our pots and pans? In our tall, narrow dry goods cupboard of course:

2015-11-08 10.45.52

I’ve already taken out the shelving. Our plan is to relocate Ohia’s food into the back pantry, and add a variety of sliding drawers to house all of our pots and pans.

While it’s annoying to be forced into a project, I do love trying to optimize every tiny nook in this house. Here’s hoping we’ll be up and running before December.

Happy Sunday, weirdos!

And just like that we’ve hit November. It’s honestly hard for me to believe. The last month has absolutely flown by — particularly with my new job keeping me so busy. But, here we are all the same. Halloween has come and gone and it’s FINALLY time to start thinking about Christmas.

Being one to avoid the malls and now operating sans cable-tv, I can’t attest to how early Christmas tunes/shows have been hitting the airwaves; but I’m sure it started a few weeks ago.

Thankfully, for those of us who have waited with patient hearts, the time is finally right to start our seasonal planning. For Jeff and I, this means two key things: 1) planning our annual party 2) getting our Christmas cards selected and printed.

Every year we take a lot of pride in carefully selecting our card. This often means scouring a few stores before we stumble on something with the right mx of vintage style that we’re after. Thankfully, the whole process has become much, much easier since we started ordering form Minted.com.

Last year, our card from Minted featured lovely florals. Not having ordered cards online before, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. But, I am happy to report that the quality (thickness and feel) of the stock and printing was outstanding (so much so, that I have since also ordered business cards and art prints from Minted). Last year we also opted for a matching envelope design and recipient addressing (free!!); which several family members and friends said was a cool touch.

This year, I’m leaning more toward vintage vibes and quiet, starry nights:


by griffinbell paper co.


by oma n. ramkhelawan


by susan moyal


by megan howe

Has holiday planning already started at your house? What’s on your planning to-do list over the next few weeks?

Around these parts, the next few weeks will be focused on: finishing the bedroom closet (hahahah); meal/cocktail planning; card ordering; and closing down the garden. I know the days are short, but I can’t help but love this time of year.



This post is sponsored by Minted; but the above opinions and love for the beautiful work being done by independent artists is entirely my own.