Well, here we are on the other side of October. Time has rolled back by an hour, the days feel shorter, and the temperature has been dropping like a Mayor’s approval rating after a shameful drug-use confession (How could I not bring that up!?). On Monday, while walking to my workout, the neighbourhood was covered in a thick layer of frost; snow feels like it is just on the horizon. As you can imagine, this change in time and weather has added a strong argument to the devil-on-my-shoulder who tries to keep me from crawling out of bed at 5AM every morning.

But… I planned ahead. While we were working on rebuilding the bathroom floor, we opted to add heated floors under our DIY marble tile. We are so happy to have had the chance to work with Warmup to plan, order, and support our heated floor installation (we did a full post in the summer walking through this DIY friendly project, so if you haven’t already seen that post, be sure to check it out).

Today, I wanted to do a follow-up to spill the beans on what kind of impact this seeming “luxury” has had on the finished room. In one word? Wowza!

I had no idea how much heated floors would add to the feeling of this daily-use space. Standing alone, the floors are very pretty, but every time I stroll into the room (especially first thing in the morning) and the pre-programmed floors are warm and waiting, I feel my whole body relax. Seriously. It’s kind of silly, but as a lady with too-often cold feet, every time I even think about my bathroom I go all Liz Lemon, “I want to go to there!” They make the room inviting, comfortable and, well, pretty darn luxurious.

And… I’m not alone. Ohia has always been a bathroom lovin’ dog, but with the addition of in-floor heating? We can’t get him out of the room.


That old, white-faced dog has never been happier. Beds, stolen blankets, and door mats have nothing on the comfort of this floor for Ohia. While he usually follows us around from room to room, if the floors are on in the bathroom, he will stay in there for hours all alone. It is adorable, and… totally understandable.

The 3iE Energy-Monitoring Thermostat that came with our kit also gets 5 stars from me. It’s totally intuitive to program and for the design-minded (like me), there is no question that this is the most gorgeous, modern thermostat on the market. Seriously, just check out some of the other heated floor thermostats at your local big-box, or do an image search — bleck! I love that Warmup knows good design and how important even the small details are in a finished room. The 3iE Energy-Monitoring Thermostat is not just functional, it’s beautiful (and comes in 7 colours, including pink!). Pre-set themes allow you to change the display to suit your style; my current favorite is the flip-clock. Oh la la!


The warming cables seem to heat the area quite uniformly, although we likely could have gotten a little tighter around the toilet while laying the wire — there is about 4-6″ in front of the toilet base that stays a little cooler because we didn’t want to run the wires too close to the toilet base. Overall though, the layout has worked perfectly for us, keeping our toes nice and toasty while getting ready in the morning, or stepping out of a nice, long bath.


So, would I (and Ohia) honestly recommend Warmup in floor heating? Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes! I know that a bathroom can function without this addition, but I am so glad we decided to put them in. They are, at present, my VERY FAVORITE thing in the entire house. No joke.

Have you ever considered adding heated-floors? If you could add them to any room in your house, where would you put them and why?

Happy Wednesday!


This post is sponsored by Warmup who helped us out with a product discount and a lot of excellent support; of course, all content, opinions and work are our very own. 

17 thoughts on “Oh La La! Livin’ The Good Life

  1. Bronwyn MayB

    I love that he is sleeping in there. Too cute. I would too if my floors were heated! I’m so glad to hear about Warm-up! We will be installing floors in our new house in the next few months and cannot wait to put in floor heating!


    1. Tia Post author

      He’s nine this year. We are jokingly… er… seriously planning his 10th birthday party for next July. Food, tissue paper, people, and pups will be welcome 🙂


  2. Lisa @ Wicked&Weird

    Oh my goodness – that FACE! What a sweetie. I agree – we got heated floors in our kitchen and I give a small sigh of gratitude every time my tootsies touch them. Every now and then when it’s really cold, I even consider lying down… just for a sec…


    1. Tia Post author

      Thanks Tash! In our old 1920’s home, the heated floors definitely help with the heating in this room. Pre-reno, it was one of the coldest rooms in the house, but so far with the cold weather it’s been much better. I’ll try to remember to comment on it again once the real Canadian winter sets in!



    Oh, what I wouldn’t give for in floor heating!!! Actually, the previous owners took out the baseboards before they sold to us and said that the rooms never got cold… they are LIARS! :0 So, really, any kind of heat in the upstairs would be all kinds of awesome right now. haha!


  4. Michele

    What color did you get the Warmup 3iE thermostat in? I have been looking at this thermostat and debating over white or cream. Our cabinets and trim are a creamy white but I want it to match our switchplate, so I am thinking white. Thoughts?


    1. Tia Post author

      Ours is white! I agree; our switch-plate is also white, so it’s nice to have them match unless you were going to go for one of the punchier colours i.e. purple 🙂


  5. Dave

    It’s been a while since the last post, hopefully I can still squeeze in a comment and question.

    I just love the idea of heated floors in the bathroom and seeing the wonderful job you did make it even more enticing. I Also reviewed your post, “Taking things up a notch”, excellent work.

    Now for my question. As you did, I am also planning to use an uncoupling layer, most likely Ditra. However, I’m curious to know why you didn’t opt for Ditra-HEAT as this would have made applying the thinset a little easier, I think. I’ve not done this work before so I’m trying to determine the best method.


    1. Tia Lougas Post author

      Hey Dave. We opted for Warmup because I really loved their thermostat! It seems like a funny reason, but it is truly the only element of the system that is constantly visible. For me splurging on marble floors and custom glass, but then installing a thermostat that looks like a 1970s comms system (ok, it’s not that bad) didn’t seem to make sense. Skimming the Warmup wires was tricky, but it wasn’t impossible. We too had never installed in floor heating or tile floors before, but were able to accomplish both with a lot of planning and a little patience. 🙂 Good luck!


      1. Dave

        Just a quick follow-up. Yes, Ditra heating as a KIT can be very expensive but what I was referring to is the Ditra-Heat Uncoupling layer only. They make two Uncoupling underlayments. You chose the standard one but they also make one that allows you to embed the heating cable right in the underlayment, http://www.schluter.com/schluter-us/en_US/Floor-Warming/Schluter%C2%AE-DITRA-HEAT/p/DITRA_HEAT, eliminating the extra step of embedding it in a separate mortar layer. Anyhow, this is the route I’m considering, but of course, what appears to be an easier method isn’t always the case. Just curious on your thoughts.

        Thanks so much


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