Holy smokes, you guys! It’s already December 4th and we still haven’t gotten our tree up yet! Yes. I am on the crazy-for-Christmas sled and like to start celebrating as soon as December hits. This week, Jeff has spent every evening tucked away in the basement tackling our built-in for the bathroom — a final piece in this 6 month long puzzle. I, on the other hand, have spent my evenings soaking in the bath and/or eating popcorn on the sofa.

Since Jeff has really been the work champion this week, I sneaked downstairs in my sock feet to snap some pictures of his progress. Warning! Other than Jeff, there are no lovely visuals in this post; our basement remains terrifying.

Plane away! Jeff planes his custom built-in box

Too bad for you guys, he didn’t have his adorable work overalls on at the time. This three-sided box will cover the main stack in our bathroom which is currently exposed between the doorway and the tub.

hide the main stack Curse you stack!

Here’s the stack in all of its glory (photo was obviously taken a while ago before the tub, baseboard, trim, etc. were installed). It sucks that the stack could not have been relocated into the wall. But… it is what it is. The plan is to build a white box around it that includes a small cabinet for jewelry. Sounds simple, but Jeff is taking his time and trying to put it together right. It’s also “fun” because it gives Jeff and excuse to use his newest tool, the Shop Smith.

Jeff's new tool Jeff’s new tool

Here she is, crammed into our basement workshop (note the excellent pile of lumber in the rear). Currently, it’s in the “drill press” position, but it also configures into a band-saw, table-saw, lathe, and planer (among other things?). We picked it up for a pretty good price on Kijiji; although I did bash it into Jeff’s face while we were transporting it home. Opps!

Shop Smith via

Here’s a Google image of what it looks like when it’s configured as a table saw; which seems simpler than trying to explain it. So far, I think he’s quite happy with it. Despite being an older model, the machine is in great working condition and give us some new workshop capabilities for upcoming projects (hello cabinet making!).

Hopefully, the box will be ready for paint before the end of the week. Although, I think Jeff still has to hit Lee Valley tonight.

Any new tools join your team recently? If you could add any tool to your roster, what would you pick? Personally, I’d love to pick up a grinder or a Dremel Saw-Max… good thing Christmas is coming. Wink, wink. Happy Wednesday!

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