A few weeks ago, I picked up a set of vintage, marble-topped side tables for a slick $70. Our Ikea side tables had over stayed their welcome, and we were able to sell them off for $100 on Kijiji… leaving us in the black for this project (high-five!)


marble side table

They were nice as is, but I thought some freshening up could help make them even sweeter.

First up was creating a mud-mask of 12% peroxide and baby powder to help lighten up the old marble.


They sat wrapped up for 48 hours, then I peeled of the cellophane to let them dry. Unfortunately, it took nearly a week for them to really dry out because of the damp weather.

And, maybe it’s a good thing we left them out on the porch as long as we did because we caught a burglar red handed… er… realized we had a burglar white butted


That’s right, someone broke into our porch and planted their big butt right on my peroxide marble top! Can you make out the butt shape above? Unbelievable! While nothing was taken, we’re glad we had the porch boobie-trapped all the same. And, needless to say, we’ve taken the opportunity to up our security (remembering to lock up!) ten fold. Honestly, we think it was just a drunk student who stumbled into the wrong porch… but still pretty freaky!

Anyway. Up next for our butt tables, we removed the mask, washed them down and gave them a good sanding.

sidetable sanded

sidetableprimed copy

Priming came next.

Followed by three top coats. I reused the white cabinet paint (and primer) from the kitchen cabinets, so no extra costs here.

Then, I brought out the Brasso polish to tackle that lovely hardware.

brasso on hardware

That’s a before and after shot. What a difference!

Then it was just as simple as getting my hulk-man boy-toy to carry them upstairs (they are SO freaking heavy!) where I reattached the hardware.

Blamo! New side tables ready to hold our books, glasses, lamps and alarm clock.


(Ignore Ohia making faces in the background). Not only do I love how they look, I kinda love that they have a weird story.

Painted Side Tables

Now to get Jeff to lug them up another flight of stairs into the bedroom!

What kind of crazy stuff is going on at your place these days?

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