Happy Halloween! Did you guys have a fun night? Jeff and I did. We had six trick-or-treaters this year, so about the same as last year. But, in our books that’s a success. Some years in Gatineau, we didn’t have any kids show up.

But, we’ve been upping our game. In addition to handing out full-sized treats (sorry parents), we’ve started decorating the porch windows as an annual tradition. Last year we did monsters, but this year was all about the clever gravestones. Two red, plastic table cloths, a red light bulb, and about 10 sheets of Bristol board gave us this:




We also had M.T. Graves, Frank N. Stein, and I.P. Freely (which I admit isn’t that spooky, but was the first one I thought of so it made the cut).

The porch also gets our wireless speaker with a Spooky FX soundtrack from Songza, and Jeff carves a jack-o-lantern.

Although we only got a few kids, they all told us they loved the house — thus, I’m a very happy Halloween house owner.

What were your Halloween highlights?


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