Since moving to Waterloo, Halloween has taken on some new traditions at our house. While we don’t have any kids of our own and our neighbourhood is a little too downtown for suburb-level trick-or-treater traffic, I’ve found that a little marketing really does pay off.

Year one, we bought and carved a pumpkin. Sat back and waited. Results: 0 kids!

Year two, I put up our awesome porch decorations and carved our pumpkin on October 31st and we gave out rockets (a favourite of mine; but lame in Jeff’s books). Results: 2 kids and 2 exchange students.

Year three, I decided to market to the weekday kids traffic (we are between neighbourhoods and close to a school). I put up our decorations a week early and we upgraded to full-sized chocolate bars. Results: 6 kids! Boom!

Year four, I again got our decorations sorted out a week in advance. We picked up two handsome pumpkins at the apple farm and carved them on the 31st. I left Jeff in charge of candy and he got these adorable Russell Stover candy boxes wrapped in Halloween paper, as well as a ton of Tootsie roll small candy. Results: 16 kids!

You guys, I am changing the holiday on this street! Our neighbour mentioned that this was the first year she has given out candy; well no wonder! No pumpkin, no decorations = no kids.


2015-10-26 21.12.45

I know we look like the crazy Halloween house, but the decorations amount to $10 worth of black paper, three year plastic table cloths, and two red lightbulbs that we’ve not had for a few years. This year I also used some electrical tape for spiderwebs.

2015-11-01 11.49.20

2015-11-01 11.51.01

The other thing that made this year extra special was that my sister decided to come down to the city for trick-or-treating with my nephews. It was so much fun walking around house-to-house with these guys.


Hope your Halloween was as wicked as mine! Not sure if I can top it next year; I might have to up my marketing game to social media or direct mailers. 😉

P.S. I was a vegan’s worst nightmare: an egg. Her?


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