It’s a holiday here in Ontario, Family Day. To celebrate, I’m heading up to visit my sister, brother-in-law, and most-adorable-creature-on-the-planet nephew. But, before I get on the road, I thought I would share some progress shots of the guest room.


After painting the room in Benjamin Moore “Sea Haze” I moved on to taping out the accent wall. I decided on a slightly smaller herringbone pattern than what I had seen elsewhere, and divided up the wall into even columns. This was more of a challenge than you might think given there is a two inch difference between the width at the top of the wall and the width at the bottom. In the end, they turned out to be approximately 7.5″ each.


Next, I measured 5″ increments down each of the vertical tape strips. I used a level to save myself some time; marking several rows at once. Then, I applied the diagonal tape, row by row, from one pencil mark to the next. I taped to the inside of my pencil marks for the areas I wasn’t painting, and to the outside of the marks for the areas to be painted. I also marked the areas where I didn’t need to paint, just to remind myself.


After three coats (left over grey paint from the kitchen cabinets), this is how she looked:


Then I had the scary moment in which I peeled away the tape, realized how much bleed there was, and spent another hour re-doing all of the lines by hand. wah wah! This is the kind of project where you want to spring for the expensive tape.

But, I think it all turned out pretty well. At first I was a little scared of how much contrast there was. But, in the spirit of being bolder and adding more colour to the house, it’s growing on me. Plus, I really like the grey tone next to the Sea Haze, even though it makes it read a little brown.

after1 copy

after copy

after2 copy

There is still a lot to do in this room, including adding window treatments, a rug, headboard, side-table, dresser, and art. But, it is a huge improvement on what we had before.

Anyone else on holiday today? What projects did you tackle over the weekend?

Happy Monday, weirdos!

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20 thoughts on “Guest Room Accent Wall: Herringbone How-To

  1. admin

    Thanks Monica! I’m really happy with how it came out. Jeff thinks we should abandon our master and move across the hall 😉


    1. admin

      No problemo! Once you get your spacing all worked out, it all goes pretty quick. Definitely an achievable project in an afternoon.


    1. admin

      Exactly! re: headboard. I saw a great double bed set on Kijiji a few weeks ago and was considering a major swap out. In the end it was too much for right now (frame, mattress, bedding, etc. etc.). Sometimes you just have to work with what you got. Thanks for stopping by!


    1. admin

      Thanks Kelly! Gotta’ love those long weekends. Ya, at first touching up was frustrating, but it went pretty quick and made the whole project look a lot crisper. Details, details, details.


    1. admin

      Thanks Sarah. I love colours that change throughout the day. It’s so light and fresh in the morning, and gets nice and warm at night.


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  4. Kammy's Korner

    Looks AWESOME! And uhhhh like alot of work and measuring that just might put me over the edge! Will you come to Michigan and do this in my son’s room for me since you’re all practiced up??? :)


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