It’s a rainy Monday in Waterloo, but I’m feeling great anyway. The weekend was jam-packed with productivity, family visits, and drinks with friends – an all around a great time. Plus, all of this rain is just another reminder that Spring is nearly here – hooooray!

The major weekend update on the house front, in addition to some supply shopping, was the completion of our downstairs construction project that we hinted at last week. The basement at the Moor is usable but not great. The ceilings are only about seven feet high, the floor is really uneven, and the foundation walls are a bit weepy. When we bought the house, we inherited a few odds and sods, including what some might call a “work bench” – definitely a loose use of the word. We called it a dangerous piece of chip-board junk. Not only was it tiny, it was sharp, totally unstable, and terrifyingly ugly. Behold:


What a mess! And, yes, that is an old-school pencil sharpener in the lower right. Another house inheritance.

After months of making do, a quick shopping trip to the Home Depot and a few hours of work left Jeff with this much improved beauty:


Progress, right? We still have lots to do down here (organizing, painting, and adding storage), but wanted to share what we’ve accomplished thus far. The new bench gives us a lot more working space, a much sturdier surface, and better access to the storage area that is in the back right corner. The work-room is pretty low priority on our to-do list, evolving only as need demands, but having this in place means we can move onto other builds that have been in the planning phase for some time.

What about you guys? Any construction underway at your place? Where do you tackle the bulk of your projects? We really wish we had a garage for this kind of stuff, but are all about makin’ do with what we’ve got.

5 thoughts on “Going Sturdy: Workbench Love

  1. keith

    Funny you should mention garage – that’s my spring project. Most of the houses in Uptown don’t have garages and I want one.
    I got rid of my workbench all together. I’m always somewhere else with my tools. Yours is very nice though. I might have to rethink that.


    1. admin

      Keith – fun! I would love to see how your garage turns out. We are in the situation where our drive is what separates us from our neighbour; there is literally no room for one unless you plunk it in the back yard.


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