It’s finally that time, the holidays. Days when I actually get to be in the living room when it’s daylight outside. Days when my beau gifts me an amazing espresso machine and I drink coffee all day like a mad person; a madly productive person.

I did some serious cooking/baking yesterday, received a notice of award for a huge grant that I had applied for (work-related), exchanged gifts with my best friend, took a long dog walk, bought groceries, watched the snow, wrapped gifts, cleaned the house, and FINISHED the ottoman!

Months in the making, I am finally sitting with my feet perched on my custom made, monster-sized ottoman, Olga. And, it feels every bit as magical as I imagined.



She’s not perfect, but she’s pretty great; comfy, big and beautiful. That beige on beige on beige thing we have going on will hopefully be remedied in the next few weeks with a new rug.

I love the ikat fabric and the tone of the grey stain on the base. But, doing the tufted upholstery (buttons) was more of a challenge than I anticipated. I ran into a few problems: I needed an extra long upholstery needle that was too fat for my original button holes so had to re-drill after I had already glued down my foam; the corner button holes came out behind some support slats (unreachable) so I had to bust the supports apart and reattach afterwards; the staples we had for the compressor gun were WAY too long and I had to run out any buy new ones; and I ran out of champagne in the first few hours.

Process shots:



What made the project faster/easier was our air-compressor and nail/staple gun. Past upholstery projects were all done with an industrial hand-stapler (little-blue above). Having the compressor tackling the grunt work was wonderful, except that every time the compressor turned on (about every half-hour) I jumped out of my skin and pissed my pants (it’s SO crazy loud).

So, here’s the table before & after.

Before01 copy after41 copy


Jeff is liking it (and Ohia too). With any luck the ample fabric-guard I’ve soaked ‘er in will keep the sock-dirt and dog-drool at bay.

Anyway… Merry Christmas you filthy animals.


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