Just a quick update to share our latest kitchen project that has me smiling every time I’m in the room – even when I’m cleaning food gunk out of the sink drain or mopping early spring paw prints off the floor. You may remember that around this time last year, Jeff and I pulled down the kitchen drop ceiling (that was water stained and held in places with drywall screws). Underneath, we found a sagging plaster ceiling full of holes… Read more »

I’m not sure about you guys, but it was a BUSY weekend around these parts. We spent Saturday goofing around at Canada’s Wonderland (my favorite place on earth between the ages of 7-12; seriously, I used to sleep in my clothes the night before). We ate a ton of junk food, rode all of the roller coasters, and enjoyed a full day of beautiful sunshine. The only thing that was missing was my florescent pink fanny-pack; essential theme park wear from the… Read more »