Anyone remember when our kitchen ceiling looked like this? Yikes! That’s a drop ceiling that, just outside of the photo frame, was affixed with drywall screws to a sagging plaster ceiling. It also featured some dingy water stains — I’ll spare you another rant about boob-lights. Thankfully, the drop ceiling came down in spring 2012 while we started prepping for our bathroom renovation, leaving us with what I’ve decided to term, “Open-Concept Grunge.” Fast forward A YEAR, and we finally got around… Read more »

Queue the Lionel Richie while we celebrate the fact that we have an actual kitchen ceiling for the first time in over a year! What a feeling! When we last updated you on this room, the pot-lights, resilient channel and sound insulation had been installed. Since then, we picked up four sheets of 1/2″ drywall (one stop of many during “Day of the Truck”) to get things wrapped up in the kitchen. Resilient channels provide noise insulation by dispersing the sound waves along… Read more »