Hello friends! Here we are in December. I’m not sure how you’ve found the last few weeks, but around here it has been nuts. Tons of holiday preparation, lots of parties (poor us!), and plenty of work too. It’s felt a little like groundhog day — sleep, coffee, work, eat, sleep, coffee, work, party, sleep, coffee, work… Thankfully, we’ve still found some time to enjoy a few of our favourite traditions, including cutting down a Christmas tree, baking, and watching… Read more »

Well frack! After 3 years of dutiful service, our portable dishwasher has finally bit the dust. The old roll-up was never a permanent solution, but we had honestly hoped for another year before having to deal with it. Why did we want to wait, you might ask, given how ugly and clunky the roll-up is? Well, shifting from a portable to a built-in isn’t nearly as straightforward as it might seem. Required Steps: Shifting our kitchen junk drawer and ALL… Read more »