Hey guys! I’ve got another long, long, long overdue post for you today. Summer has come and gone, but I’m happy to report it was chalk full of summery stuff (drive-in movies, a family wedding, camping, market shopping, and drinks in the yard) as well as plenty of productivity. We took full advantage of the no-longer-February weather to tackle a bunch of outdoor projects, including an early-spring regrading project and an exterior power update. So before we jump into it, and just in… Read more »

Hey guys! If you had to rank your backyard as a danger-zone on a scale from 1-10 (1 being a happy valley and 10 being an active volcano) where would it fall? Turns out our backyard was not only ugly, but it was also a solid 7 on the danger scale. Ack! We had an ESA inspection when we moved in that flagged the backyard electrical as a point of concern. The electrician that came to fix the issue (on… Read more »