It’s another busy week in Waterloo. Jeff is off to school (hooray!) and I’m heading out to BlogPodium tonight. Where did the summer go?! Around the house, things are a bit chaotic, but slowing coming together. We are in the final stages of picking out a new roof (can’t wait!), and work in the master bedroom, is steaming ahead despite my August reno-cation getting high-jacked by a tropical storm. As you may know, our 1920s house is blessed with plaster… Read more »

Remember that post a few months ago with the weird .gif of Jeff planing in the basement? Well, I finally pulled together an update on our cursed stack. The main stack in the house runs right up through the bathroom. Despite our full-on renovation, moving it was not an option (it literally runs from the foundation all the way up and out through the roof). When we moved in, it was hidden in some dark brown cabinets that surrounded the… Read more »