We have a nook in the bathroom that has been the source of much humming and hawing. The main stack in our house runs smack through the bathroom. So, during our renovation, Jeff built a custom box (with built-in jewelry cabinet) to cover it up. This left a nook behind the bathtub that needed “filling”. Originally, I had planned shelves for this area, but after some testing, even simple white shelves felt too heavy. So, the decision was to go… Read more »

Monday already? INCONCEIVABLE! I’ve been buried in work for the last two weeks (think 14 hour conference days) and time has been absolutely flying. Today, I’m finally back from conference-land and am feeling pretty good. The nasty chest cold that I’ve had for the last week is finally starting to subside and, at least for now, the coffee that’s fueling my limbs and brain is doing its job. Nothing like a nasty virus right in the middle of work mayhem,… Read more »