We had a major event happen at the Moor over the weekend. After nine months in the house, we bit the bullet and brought in our first contractor. The real news, of course, is what he installed. Here’s a hint: it’s tall, dark and helps me lather better in the shower. Yuup! We got a water softener. If you live outside of Waterloo Region, chances are that you have no need for such luxuries. Most city water is relatively processed… Read more »

With summer nearly at an end, we’ve been extra busy trying to make the most of these last few weeks. But, we couldn’t ignore the blog forever. This afternoon, we got our hands dirty tackling our clean machine. Well, one member of the laundry cleaning team anyway. Since march, we’ve been drying our clothes the old fashion way courtesy of mother nature. But, with a rainy fall in full swing, it finally felt like the time to upgrade our dryer… Read more »