Holy smokes, you guys! It’s already December 4th and we still haven’t gotten our tree up yet! Yes. I am on the crazy-for-Christmas sled and like to start celebrating as soon as December hits. This week, Jeff has spent every evening tucked away in the basement tackling our built-in for the bathroom — a final piece in this 6 month long puzzle. I, on the other hand, have spent my evenings soaking in the bath and/or eating popcorn on the… Read more »

It’s a rainy Monday in Waterloo, but I’m feeling great anyway. The weekend was jam-packed with productivity, family visits, and drinks with friends – an all around a great time. Plus, all of this rain is just another reminder that Spring is nearly here – hooooray! The major weekend update on the house front, in addition to some supply shopping, was the completion of our downstairs construction project that we hinted at last week. The basement at the Moor is usable but not great…. Read more »