Happy new year, everyone! We rang in 2016 with our traditional champagne and Chinese take-out, happily in bed by 12:10AM. One of the benefits of keeping celebrations modest is that when you wake up to a flooded basement, you aren’t also dealing with a pounding hangover. So, I guess we’re counting our blessings this morning — thankfully we were home today; thankfully we didn’t have too much stuff on the floor; thankfully the water wasn’t too smelly. Yep, things were… Read more »

If you follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you likely know that it’s been an interesting week around the MoE house. Tuesday was a record setting weather day, with the windchill pushing temperatures down below -40. Shortly after waking up on this blustery morning, we discovered that our furnace — after 25 years of valiant service — couldn’t take the brunt of the polar vortex. It was busted. Yep, on the coldest day of the year, our furnace called… Read more »