Monday already? INCONCEIVABLE! I’ve been buried in work for the last two weeks (think 14 hour conference days) and time has been absolutely flying. Today, I’m finally back from conference-land and am feeling pretty good. The nasty chest cold that I’ve had for the last week is finally starting to subside and, at least for now, the coffee that’s fueling my limbs and brain is doing its job. Nothing like a nasty virus right in the middle of work mayhem, right?

Before the work and sickness mayhem started, we had a huge burst of productivity and I even managed to snap a few pictures of our latest project — bathroom blinds!

We were really thrown when it came to picking out window treatments for the new bathroom. We wanted something simple and clean that would let in natural light, all while providing good privacy. Everything that we looked at seemed too old fashioned and heavy for our new space. Thankfully, after a bit of research, and a chat with the “window nerds” over at, we narrowed in on cellular shades, which seemed like the best option for getting both the light and privacy we were after.

Here’s a reminder of how the window looked after we finished attaching the refinished, antique trim (more on that here):

Antique Trim

Because the tub sits right under the window, the room really isn’t usable without something covering the window (we’re pretty modest around these parts!). For the last few months we’ve had a sheer curtain pinned up (yes, pinned) which really hasn’t been doing the room justice. Enter our new Norman Single Cell Light Filtering Cellular Shades – Hello gorgeousness!


They feel like such a finishing detail in the room and are EXACTLY what I had in mind. The cords that run the length of the window are basically invisible but facilitate the blind’s top-up-bottom-down feature — you can lift or lower the shade! They are also cordless, in that you don’t have to pull a string to make adjustments. Even Jeff, who doesn’t have much of an opinion on window treatments, thinks they are the bees knees!


The shares are custom sized to fit our window. When ordering, had a helpful video to explain how to take measurements. It also needs to be said that the customer service people they have working there are the bomb — enthusiastic, patient and super knowledgeable. It’s great when you get to work with people who honestly love what they do.

top down blinds

The cellular shades we picked come in dozens of colours, but we went with a simple bright white to keep with the clean neutrals we already had working in the room. Installation was also really simple. The shades come with all of the hardware you need, so a measuring tape and a screw driver had the blinds up and running in a matter of minutes. Gotta’ love a project that goes seamlessly from start to finish!!


My favorite thing about the blinds is how much light still passes through. We get great privacy, but the space still feels bright and airy.

How has your April been going? Any new projects got you upbeat and excited? I’m so eager to get outside in the garden; it FINALLY feels like spring has arrived.


This post is sponsored by who helped us out with some store credit and a lot of excellent advice; of course, all content, opinions and work are our very own. No joke, we highly recommend these beautiful shades!


15 thoughts on “Blinded by the light

  1. Jo-Anna

    These blinds look great – I love the soft light they cast! We’re in dire need of new blinds in our home, so this is very timely! Thank you for sharing!


  2. Thea

    The blinds really do look fabulous! The fact that the light can still come through and you still get privacy makes them even better. Window coverings certainly have come a long way. You have had a busy couple of weeks and getting sick didn’t help. Of course, that’s when one gets sick. Keep up the awesome sharing re you home updates!


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