Our kitchen reno is a major project on our to-do list, but, realistically, it won’t see any action in the next 24 months. Saving up for our bathroom overhaul, making things clean and safe, and generally trying to get organized all take priority over the room we use the most. So… we’ve got plans to save a little of our sanity with a quick-fix kitchen project. While our as-is kitchen is a little ugly (and small), the functionality really isn’t… Read more »

Since we’ve been on the move since December and are only just starting to get settled, I thought I would share a few photos from the condo that I spruced up in February. When we moved in, it was full of old furniture, hockey art, and brass… oh… so much brass. With a very limited budget, I spent a few weeks hunting and trading on kijiji to bring in some used pieces that better suited the space. I painted tables… Read more »