It has been a heavy few months for me. Emotionally, March was brutal. I’ve spent the last few weeks (or months, really) trying to reflect on and understand who and where I am. The blog isn’t a good place to open this can of worms, but I wanted to say something as a way of an excuse for why blogging really hasn’t been high on my priority list; I know you get this and I appreciate that. Thankfully, happy stuff… Read more »

Hey! Did you know there is a new Value Village in Waterloo? Jeff had the opportunity to check it out this month, and scored some excellent finds. In addition to a new lamp and a heavy-duty drill, he picked up this fabulous Indian lunch box. Now I just need to perfect my aloo gobi recipe. THREE upside-down planters for our spring garden were also in the cart. Jeff loves to plant things upside-down! No one know why.  Records were another… Read more »