Hey guys! If you had to rank your backyard as a danger-zone on a scale from 1-10 (1 being a happy valley and 10 being an active volcano) where would it fall? Turns out our backyard was not only ugly, but it was also a solid 7 on the danger scale. Ack! We had an ESA inspection when we moved in that flagged the backyard electrical as a point of concern. The electrician that came to fix the issue (on… Read more »

Advisory: this post begins with a picture of a old women standing outside in her pajamas holding a birthday banner. If you can look past the (embarrassed) PJ-clad birthday lady, I’d like to point out the hodge podge cement/asphalt patio that she (read: I’m) standing on. Yikes! In the rear, a 12 x 10 asphalt pad leads to where a garage once stood, but now ends abruptly in the grass. This is the inherited state of the backyard that we finally… Read more »