Well frack! After 3 years of dutiful service, our portable dishwasher has finally bit the dust. The old roll-up was never a permanent solution, but we had honestly hoped for another year before having to deal with it. Why did we want to wait, you might ask, given how ugly and clunky the roll-up is? Well, shifting from a portable to a built-in isn’t nearly as straightforward as it might seem. Required Steps: Shifting our kitchen junk drawer and ALL… Read more »

And just like that we’ve hit November. It’s honestly hard for me to believe. The last month has absolutely flown by — particularly with my new job keeping me so busy. But, here we are all the same. Halloween has come and gone and it’s FINALLY time to start thinking about Christmas. Being one to avoid the malls and now operating sans cable-tv, I can’t attest to how early Christmas tunes/shows have been hitting the airwaves; but I’m sure it… Read more »