Happy new year, everyone! We rang in 2016 with our traditional champagne and Chinese take-out, happily in bed by 12:10AM. One of the benefits of keeping celebrations modest is that when you wake up to a flooded basement, you aren’t also dealing with a pounding hangover. So, I guess we’re counting our blessings this morning — thankfully we were home today; thankfully we didn’t have too much stuff on the floor; thankfully the water wasn’t too smelly. Yep, things were… Read more »

Hello friends! Here we are in December. I’m not sure how you’ve found the last few weeks, but around here it has been nuts. Tons of holiday preparation, lots of parties (poor us!), and plenty of work too. It’s felt a little like groundhog day — sleep, coffee, work, eat, sleep, coffee, work, party, sleep, coffee, work… Thankfully, we’ve still found some time to enjoy a few of our favourite traditions, including cutting down a Christmas tree, baking, and watching… Read more »