Happy new year, everyone! We rang in 2016 with our traditional champagne and Chinese take-out, happily in bed by 12:10AM.

One of the benefits of keeping celebrations modest is that when you wake up to a flooded basement, you aren’t also dealing with a pounding hangover. So, I guess we’re counting our blessings this morning — thankfully we were home today; thankfully we didn’t have too much stuff on the floor; thankfully the water wasn’t too smelly.

Yep, things were soggy. The snow was falling and the the shop vac was a suckin’.

Right now we’re really not sure what’s causing the problem. We had originally thought (hoped?) that our laundry sink was clogged, but the blockage seems to be a little deeper. Since it’s a holiday and plumbers have families too, we’ve cleaned up the basement, drained the sinks (dumping the water outside) and are going to do our best to avoid using too much water until we can scope or auger the main line.

With any luck it’s just a simple clog and not a damaged pipe.

Either way, for now I’m just going to open another bottle and pretend 2016 started miraculously with summer sunshine.


That feels better.

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