With fall weather in full swing, my hibernation instincts have me curling up on the sofa more than usual. I know we’ve still got lots of great outdoor weather left, but I’m a sucker for warm socks and a good book.

And so, the hunt for a new reading chair moves up the day dreaming priority list…



Low arms, light tone, curvy legs = plus, plus, plus!



Tufting is also so lovely. The hotel we stayed at while weathering tropical storm Cristobal had a lovely armchair just like this. Although, I’m honestly not sure we have room for a foot stool, it certainly have the shape I’m after.



I think whatever I finally pick, I’m looking to bring a little more formality into the room. Pre-kids definitely feels like the best time to buy a pretty, white, linen chair :)



Hello legs! This chair may have a little more sheen than I think I could pull off, but I totally love it. The colour would go really nicely in our place and it has an overall comfortable look.

Where’s your favorite spot to curl up with a book? I’d love to see your reading nook. Link up in the comments please!



Hey guys! I know I’m not the only one feeling like September has been a total blur. I feel like I have been jumping from one event to the next, one project to the next, and stuffing lots of house/office work in between. But heck, that’s what the fall is all about, right?

Currently, I’m down in Chicago (it’s beautiful!) attending a Digital Marketing Summit as part of Social Media Week. The content and speakers have been great, with lots of discussion on influencer marketing and community management. It has been the perfect event to follow on the heels of BlogPodium, which happened September 13th. I honestly felt like this was the best BlogPodium yet, with great speakers, a well paced program, and tons of amazing brands in attendance.

On the home front, poor Jeff is getting accustomed to his new work-school balance. So, I guess I can’t complain about being busy if he’s pulling double duty! Thankfully, Jeff having busy evenings leaves me free to continue work in the master bedroom. As of right now, I’ve finished the plaster surfacing, caulked all of the trim, and got a coat of primer up on 80% of the room (I ran out before I could finish the ceiling).

But before the paint went up, my nemesis Sanding came by for a visit.



dust 2

Double ugh.


Thankfully, the thinness of skim coating doesn’t require too much sanding, more of a knock down and light final buff. I feel like every time I sand I think, “I’m never going to do this again!” But, if it needs to get done, it needs to get done.

Hopefully, once I’m back in Canada, I’ll wrap up the priming and pick a paint colour to finish things off. Honestly, we can’t wait to get moved back into the room. The guest room isn’t a bad space, but the cramped quarters and leaking roof aren’t conducive to restful slumber. Getting resettled in our room is going to be dreamy!

What’s been keeping you busy this September?