Happy New Year weirdos! Did you have a great Christmas? Jeff and I had a wonderful and very full break. Since it has been a little quiet on the blog since December, I thought I should share a little of what has been keeping us busy for the last few weeks.


On the Wednesday before Christmas, we saw Stewart McLean’s Vinyl Cafe Christmas Special at the Centre in the Square. I think this is our third or fourth year going, so it now falls into the “annual tradition” category. The show is cheesy and Canadian, but we love storytelling and Stewart has a great rhythm and presence on stage.

That Friday, we hosted a dozen or so friends for a Christmas party — complete with too much booze, a yule cake, and midnight meatballs.

yule log

Saturday brought last-minute tickets to a Leafs game (a first for me!). They were slaughtered by Philadelphia, but it was still a nice night in the city complete with pop-corn and lattes.

Sunday, Jeff and I exchanged Christmas gifts and soaked up a little quiet time before the actual holidays started. (For the record, I bought him a new pair of gloves, and he got me an iPhone 6 — typical).

Then the madness started with back-to-back-to-back Christmas parties in Toronto, Grimsby, and Durham. Our big gift was a new snowblower (bring it on, January!), but my favorite part was watching all of our nephews and little cousins open their gifts. It really makes the holiday special to have little kidos running around.

Back at home, the early part of the week was been spent working on back-burner projects, eating leftovers, and organizing the house.

As is our favorite New Year’s tradition, on Wednesday, Jeff and I pushed the ottoman up to the sofa, ordered Chinese food, and spent the night watching old movies and drinking champagne. It was perfect.


Today, it’s cold and sunny in Waterloo. Ohia is curled up at the front door, Jeff is working on the sofa, and I have a hot cup of tea next to my laptop. So far, life is more than OK in 2015.

2014 wasn’t an easy year, but it also had a lot of awesomeness: we welcomed a new, beautiful nephew; visited Turks and Caicos; bought a new furnace (and yet-to-be-installed roof!); celebrated some milestone birthdays; went hot air ballooning; I ran with my dad in his first 5KM; Jeff started his undergraduate degree; and we had more than our fair share of Sunday sleep-ins.

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions, but I hope 2015 is a year of appreciating the moment, better health, and more peace. What about you? Any positive hopes and plans for the coming year?

We have a nook in the bathroom that has been the source of much humming and hawing.

The main stack in our house runs smack through the bathroom. So, during our renovation, Jeff built a custom box (with built-in jewelry cabinet) to cover it up. This left a nook behind the bathtub that needed “filling”. Originally, I had planned shelves for this area, but after some testing, even simple white shelves felt too heavy.

So, the decision was to go with art. Over the last 8 months I have nearly purchased a variety of pieces for this space. Many beautiful prints made it into online shopping carts, but never through the checkout. Thankfully, with the help of a Minted gift card that I won at BlogPodium, I finally pulled the trigger.

Let’s be dramatic about it, and look at the Before first:


And, the same corner After:


Much improved, right? Getting here wasn’t as simply as sticking up some art, but it definitely makes that side of the room feel finished. The prints are by Emily Jeffords via Minted.

The during and progress shots:

before and progress

The real challenge with these prints was the size. They are 16×16 squares, which I have learned is a really odd size for framing. After hunting in town, I ended up buying two black frames from Amazon and painting them out in white.

The prints are definitely a bit feminine, but event Jeff loves them. They give a nice pop of colour to the mostly neutral bathroom, but are still really sweet and calming.


Lots of other projects and work going on around the house these days. But, my motivation to share has been almost non-existent. Hopefully the holidays will bring a clear mind and motivation to celebrate some of the smaller things that we’ve been doing. If not… at least there will be champagne and pajamas.